How I converted (Reverted) to Islam

Ok so as a lot of people ask, I thought it would be prudent to type it up once on my blog and just share the link each time a person asks, in order to save my fingers from arthritis inshAllah 🙂

So my background is not particularly religious growing up. My society was atheist mainly with a christian heritage.

I had a sort of belief in some sort of creator when i was young, just through personal innate disposition, and opted to get myself christened and confirmed with the catholic church aged 12.

Growing up around atheists I fell away from this and away from religion.

A christian friend once told me to make a sincere prayer to god to show himself to me if he is real. I did that and didnt think more on it for years.

I even used to debate against christians online in forums. Then one day, during my A level physics class, we were learning the big bang, and the penny dropped. I thought, “how on earth could a universe just appear, and not only that, form in such a way that life could exist”. I became convinced there was a creator and started arguing with everyone a lot on this issue, due to me being the only creationist. I even suddenly changed positions in the forums and started supporting the people I used to argue against.

As our heritage is christian, i started going to church and playing a game of chess and having a chat with the local priest.

I had also dabbled in a few other faiths, learning some Wicca ,  visiting Buddhist temples and Hindu temples, but they all didn’t make sense, so I stuck to Christianity, even though certain things didnt make sense.

I used to pray only to God, never to jesus. i likes to read his teachings but when i went to church i prayed only to god. Also the theology of christianity made no sense to me. Us being too sinful so god sending his son to die for us to remove our sins sounded a very odd concept to me. I just didnt know of a religion closer to my views.

The only religion I never considered was Islam. There were no muslims where I lived (in somerset) and all i knew was they were always blowing things up. I hated muslims and used to vote BNP.

One day my dad asked where I wanted to go on holiday with him. I said morcco, as I had remembered the name from the world cup in France a few years earlier. I dont even know why I said it.

We went, and upon arrival I realised it was a muslim country, I had assumed, being part of africa, that it would be black african culture. I thought we were going to be killed.

After a week there, seeing how nice people were, I started to ask what Islam was all about, to hear it from their side. When they introduced me to the basic ideas, it all made sense and fitted in exactly with how I viewed things.

So I came back and did research for the next 3 months. My local muslims were sufis, linked with shaikh nazim in cyprus so I went with them and took shahada in cyprus.

This was only the start of my journey but as this is about how I came to Islam, I will leave it there. InshAllah future posts will explain why journey THROUGH Islam and how I see things now inshAllah.


6 thoughts on “How I converted (Reverted) to Islam

  1. Alhamdulila Brother for your reversion and Welcome back To Islam. Because, every baby is born as a Muslim innately

  2. As an Ex-muslim who grew up among muslims, was muslim for 29 years, and performed hajj in 28th year, and then quit islam and become atheist, I would like to tell you few things that I notice.

    1. If you think there was a creator, you have to give me a non-circular logic answer of who created such an intelligent creator.

    2. Big bang is a reference point where scientists can back-track the events of universe. What happen before, nobody knows. And nobody claims to know.
    There are possible hypothesis, If you are in UK, you probably can find this one hour video. It was on youtube, but I think they took it off on copyright grounds.

    3. Yes, I know the fact that perception of muslims among west is not good. And mostly it is that they blow up shit. But that is just a perception, since those things makes headlines. I have a very big extended muslim family. And none of them can ever think about blowing up stuff or killing any human being. I am not trying to patronize it, but what you saw in Morocco, you can see in any muslim country as well. Most of the muslims are very courteous and welcoming people. But does that make their religion true? No.. Their religion is as wrong as any other religion.

    • I will give you a more indepth response later inshAllah but the short response in reverse order is:

      3 Yes I agree, media has distorted Islam and infact Muslims are very kind decent people. I agree that this doesnt prove that their religion is true, so no arguments there.

      2 I agree that the big bang was the first event to take place during the lifetime of our universe. Logically it cannot have appeared from nothing, nor could it have created itself, so something else must have caused it. The big bang must have a cause. Given the fact that all of the natural laws of the universe were at the right values for life to exist, it seems plausable that it would be an intelligent cause. I will take a look at your video soon inshAllah.

      1 I agree, a creator needs to be demonstrated with sound logic, and I am happy to discuss the topic of atheism more indepth with you inshAllah.

      And may Allah guide us to the truth and give us the sincerity to follow it. Ameen.

  3. Shaikh NAZI_? Lol. it should be shaikh nazım thou. whats your view about them now and in general sufism. thanks.

    • yes bro jazak allahu khair, have updated it now.

      my perception of sufism is a mixed one. I am fine with the concept of tariqa and baya, and no problems with their group dhickr etc.

      I attend some sufi gatherings sometimes and go through poems like qasidah burdah, dalail al khayraat, the shadhili wirds etc.

      I dont ascribe to some of their beliefs that I find too superstitious. I treat them as my brothers, i cooperate with them, love them, i dont argue with them. But I also treat non sufi sunnis the same way.

      I believe in unity amongst sunnis

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