My Blogs on Various Topics

Below is a list of all of my blogs on various topics that are important to me:

A blog that looks at how to live as a British Muslim:

A blog that compiles many conversion stories for new British Muslims:

A blog that looks at the growth of Islam in non muslim countries around the world:

A blog that analyses the sects and movements from within the Muslim community in the UK and try to educate new or confused British Muslims on these issues:

A blog that looks at the development of Somaliland. We all would love to save the world, but I have realised that it is better to focus on a few places and have a larger impact with your resources. As my wife is from Somaliland, I intend inshAllah to invest some of my time and money and effort in helping Somaliland grow and develop inshAllah:

A blog that invites people to join the British Muslim community if they are interested and also provides some intellectual responses to niggling questions that may prevent them from joining our community:

A blog that looks at celebrities who converted to Islam:

A blog on unity and cooperation between British Christians and Muslims:



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