Muslimah (Female Muslim) response to FEMEN

A militant feminist group from Ukraine called FEMEN have launched a campaign to get muslim women to expose their breasts publicly in protest against Islam:

The response has been nothing short of amazing, with muslim sisters from around the world taking pictures of themselves in hijabs or modest clothing, with messages directed at those who attack islam and islamic values. These pictures are all uploaded to the following facebook group:

Messages likes the following are being spread:

And Muslim sisters have intellectually engaged in the media with articles articulating how people need to stop speaking on their behalf, how they believe in modesty, and how hijab is their choice:

All in all a fantastic effort and counter campaign from our sisters and a great example of the correct way for the muslim community to respond to campaigns against our community. Lets move past the cave man death threats and screaming and shouting and follow the examples of our sisters who have run a fantastic, well organised and effective campaign that has sent a clear message to the world.

Here is a great article from a proud American Muslimah (Female Muslim) who spoke on how she doesnt want other people representing her:

Further reading on the topic of FEMEN and Muslim Womens responses:


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